The Team

Trigger Games comes from the wish of four friends in creating videogames. 2011 was the year where we founded our small company, located in Valencia (Spain) and since then there has not been a day or moment to stop enjoying what we love the most. Our only target and motivation is developing high quality video games, with details that make that noticeable, with our work and above all with our absolute dedication to the genre. The team is composed by four heads, two of them filled with painting and graphite, a third one full of statistics and numbers and the fourth with polygons and 3D. We all look towards the same point and assemble our skills to create what others would (or that is what we hope) get to enjoy. Looking ahead, we want to move forward, do better and get to find us a place in this world of videogames. Learning, creating and enjoying are our aim and thereby moving to where our joint efforts would lead us. We hope to release new titles in a close future and make you all able to enjoy them as much as we do in their creation.

Pau Pastor

This creature`s hands move in between digital and analogic. From charcoal to Grip Pen or from clay to pixel his world is created and the destroyed. Colours and lines are his weapons, extreme detail his ruin…


Nicolau Sanchis

With a full head of epic images and surround sounds he is one of the other Trigger Games graphical component. This tireless player tries to capture his crazy visions filled with explosions and slow-motion, which are all controlled by the programmer to avoid a collapse of the FX. By graphics tablet (+3 fire) he makes our games get real.

Oscar Ferrer

With a thousand ideas in his head and hundreds of maps in the subconscious, he makes his friends not being able to understand him frequently. If you're looking for him, then you'll find in the depths of the "cave" moving from one desk to another.

Daniel 'Harton'

Life's 2 short, get geek or die tryin.


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